Why Buy Chevy

This is not your uncle’s Chevy! Come to www.sawyerschevy.com and be amazed at the new innovations in Chevy. Whether going to church Sunday mornings in the family sedan, tailgating on the weekends in your SUV, riding over the pastures in a hard-hauling truck, or cruising the city scene at night in a sexy sports car, the Chevy is recognized as an iconic American brand engineered for quality, safety, and durability for all the facets of your American life. So, why buy a Chevy? The Chevy is a quality-built and enduring automobile that will not disappoint. There is one specifically made for your requirements: purpose, budget, safety, color, fuel efficiency, and maintenance plan.

I remember as a child in the ‘70s, my beloved uncle TJ had a robin’s egg blue short-bed Chevy truck. It was grit, it was faithful, and, oh, it was a head turner! He drove recklessly across the fields, lovingly carried us on the back to the store to buy ice cream, and proudly made the trek to town on the weekends. Today’s Chevy trucks are all of that and more. www.sawyerschey.com has a full line of trucks in stock, from light trucks to high performance truck packages meant for hauling, for all your needs. The majestic Silverado is the beacon of the Chevy brand from the quiet roar of the Silverado 1500 to the all-out horsepower of the 3500 HD Chassis cab. Fuel efficiency has steadily increased in recent years. The Duramax engine and Allison transmission specifications enables power and precision handling of the truck, so you can let all your horses run free.

The Chevy Impala is an American novel within itself. My father was a proud owner of a dusty, yellow station wagon during the 70s. It was wide. It was long. It was safety. It represented family, love, and all that was good in life to me. The community took pause when our family was out together in that Chevy station wagon. The Chevy brand has a full repertoire of family friendly automobiles today from sleek new 2013 Impala to the mid-size Traverse to the full glory of the Suburban with top safety features, roomy cabins, and a vibrant color to represent every family’s story, even new-century variations of the robin’s egg blue and dusty yellow color palette from the Chevy’s of my childhood. Consider the energy of Victory Red. Any Chevy automobile in vibrant Victory Red cannot be dismissed.

Visit www.sawyerschevy.com to begin a new narrative of your American story with a classic American brand. This is why buy Chevy.

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