i7If you have a car that is just taking up space and is too expensive for you to fix then you know the conundrum that you are facing. You really don’’t need the car, but you are really not sure what to do with it. What to do? Well, one route you could take would be to sell your disabled, or “junk” vehicle for cash. For cash for clunkers Utah has many options, so here are some tips for you to engage in this type of transaction effectively:

1. Make sure you have the title in place.

Salvage yards or “Cash for Clunkers” businesses cannot legally purchase the vehicle unless you are the owner, so they are going to want to make sure you own it. In order to save time, make sure you have the title in hand when you bring the automobile to them.

2. Determine the Blue Book value of the vehicle.

In determining the blue book value of your junk vehicle, it is first of all imperative to understand as much as you can about the condition of the vehicle. Many junkyards will want to know if the vehicle will run and drive and will pay a considerably higher premium if it does.

3. Compare pricing.

The next step is to get prices from all of the nearby junkyards and cash for clunkers companies within your general area. Consider the unique idiosyncrasies of each company as well. Some will not purchase a vehicle at all if they have to pick it up. Others will pay a lot for various makes and models. Thus, it is imperative that you have a list of damages available in order to get the best price.

4. Consider delivering your car yourself.

The next step, if you are able, would be to deliver your car yourself to the company. Most junkyards will pay a substantial premium above their normal rate if they don’t have to bring the car in.

5. Keep aware of the laws.

Be aware of your state lemon laws, and also be aware of the fact that tampering with the mileage of your vehicle is considered fraud and you can be prosecuted for it. Be aware of private seller laws and what constitutes dealer activity. Finally, be aware of the price maximums in order to stay legal as well.

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