Hyundai Elantra Steals the Show at the North American International Auto Show
The results of the North American International Auto Show are in, and the Hyundai Elantra is the official 2012 winner of the North American car of the year title. It was a close race between the Ford Focus and the Volkswagen Passat, but the Elantra won the judges over. The judges were 50 car journalists from the U.S. and Canada, each with several years of experience keeping up with the car industry. A week ago, few people would have expected the Elantra to be the showstopper at the competition. However, the Elantra proved to be the highly fuel-efficient sedan we’ve all been waiting for
The Elantra, created at Hyundai’s studio in California, gets 40 miles to the gallon on the highway. 200,000 models of the new, fuel-efficient Elantra have been sold in North America since the car’s release in December 2011. And the international car transport industry has shipped a pretty impressive number of 2012 Elantras overseas. Reviewers have been buzzing about the Elantra since June of 2011, when Hyundai first started releasing details about the car. Since that time, reviewers have seemed to unanimously agree that the Elantra is one impressive and attractive car. The Elantra’s sleek body and gentle curves perfectly complement its incredibly efficient and subtly powerful 148-hp 1.8-liter engine
Entry-level, manual models of the Elantra cost $15,195, and upgrades like leather seating and automatic transmission will cost buyers a little more. The price of the Elantra puts it in direct competition with the comparably priced Honda Civic. According to those who have driven the Elantra, the car feels about as light as the Civic does on the road. The Elantra’s appearance of luxury and utility prowess, however, seems to put it in a whole other clas

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