How To Get Rid Of Old Cars

Often you can get rid of an old car by putting a for sale sign on it, or placing an ad in a publication. That assumes it is a car someone wants, and you may find it doesn’t work, especially if the car does not run or has major problems. Selling your car is the most profitable, and the most common method, other than trading it in on a newer vehicle.

But if your car is not operable – or has major damage, it may not be one that can be sold or traded very easily. Just because people are not beating a path to your yard to buy your old car, that does not mean you cannot get rid of the vehicle and pick up at least a little money off the deal.

Companies like We Buy Cars Florida will take your car off your hands regardless of its value or condition. Often these are salvage type operations and they either pay a flat fee for the car, or buy it by the pound. You won’t get a lot of money out of the car this way, but you will get something, and you will get it removed. These salvage places take the parts they can use off and use the rest for scrap metal. Most of the time they will come and get your car, so it takes little to no effort once you make contact and reach an agreement. You will need to provide a title along with the car when you sell to this type of operation.

Another option is to give the car away. There are many service organizations that will accept cars as a donation. You can often get a charitable tax deduction for going this route. They will either sell the car to a salvage yard, or will make the repairs that are needed and hand it over to a needy family or organization. Check the rules for your particular state and make sure you get a receipt or statement from the charitable organization so you can take your deduction.

Recycling is another option that is becoming more popular. Recycling involves basically selling your car to a recycling company that will crush your car, taking out the recyclable parts before selling the rest for scrap metal. This is the least profitable means of getting rid of a car, but it is environmentally friendly. About 75 percent of most cars are recyclable, and more than half of the car is made with a metal material that can be reused or converted into new material. This is slightly different than selling it to a junk yard, which focuses more on finding useable parts to resell.

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