If you have been involved in an auto accident, or someone has vandalized your car, it is important to know how to file an insurance claim. Check on your deductible amount to find out what is covered, and what you need to pay out of pocket. If you have a cracked or chipped windshield, it might be less expensive to pay for a new window versus filing a claim with your insurance company. Check out this website, utahwindshieldreplacement.com, to find out the costs of installing a new windshield.


At the Accident

It is important to contact the police to file an accident report. You need to exchange information with the other people involved in the accident. It is important to obtain their insurance information, especially if they are at-fault for the accident. Take pictures of the accident in case your insurance company needs them. Ask witnesses for their information so you can have the insurance company get in touch with them if you end up with a problem. If you are not at-fault, you want to make sure this information is clearly reported so you don’t end up in a lawsuit.


Call Your Insurance Company

Can you drive your car? If you cannot, call your insurance company to come out and pick up your car. They will tow it to a car lot of your choice, and they will provide you with a rental car if it is on the insurance plan. You need to make sure you are giving them the correct information about the accident so they can get started with the claims process. You do have rights with your insurance provider that the other insurance company will not offer. It is important that you handle any disputes with the insurance company properly so you don’t end up paying for things that aren’t your fault. You may end up needing an attorney if you aren’t getting treated fairly by the insurance company. The other insurance company will ask for your version of the events to determine a fair settlement. They are trained to give you the lowest settlement offer possible so make sure you negotiate or call a lawyer if you think you deserve more.



The adjuster will look at your car to determine how much they will pay for. Some companies will end up totalling the car and cutting you a check. Others will give you an amount to pay for the repairs, but they rarely offer more than this. If you have expensive medical bills due to the accident, it is vital that you fight to have these paid as well. An attorney can help you with this process if the insurance company isn’t negotiating fairly.

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