Ferrari 250 GTO Sells for £20.2 Million
Ferrari 250 GTOA car which is regarded by many as being the most beautiful Ferrari of all time, and even by some as the most beautiful car of all time has been sold at auction for the highest price ever paid for a car in Britain. The car in question was an ultra-rare 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO, and the price paid was a staggering £20.2 million. The sale actually came close to breaking the World record for the price paid for a car which still belongs, just, to the 2010 sale of a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC. That car sold for between £20 and £26 million.
The sale itself has a little mystery behind it, although not much, because the man who is the last known owner of Ferrari 250 GTO chassis number 5095, British businessman Jon Hunt of Foxtons Estate Agents fame is saying nothing. Neither is nothing known at the moment about the new owner although the rumour is that the car is on its way to Spain.
Mr. Hunt bought the car in 2008 in a transaction which actually claimed the World record at the time. He paid £15.7 million for it. The investment seems to have been a good one, as if it was he who sold the car, he has made a tidy £4.5 million pounds profit. Not bad for just over three years of no work!
The actual sale of the car has been confirmed by the Chairman of Telacrest, the classic Ferrari specialist but we just don’t know who the vendor or the buyer were.
If you had owned the car from new you would be sitting on a near 100% profit with this transaction as the car would have cost only around £6000.

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