Detailing Your Own Car

If you are the kind of person that  takes particular pride in maintaining their car in a perfect, spotless condition than you are destined to go further than the usual washing and waxing , and start detailing your own car so it gets the look as if professionals have had their say with it. Sometimes a simple additional touch of the proper water spot removers can give your machine that gleaming effect you have always longed for.

What you are in for next, are some basic tips and tricks you should consider the moment you decide to invest some more of your own time and achieve the ultimate eye catching effect for your car by giving it a great detailing.

  • Always start with the interior.
    Some of the things you will need for this endeavor are some cotton swabs, a vacuum cleaner and some cans with compressed air like the ones used for cleaning computer screens and sensitive equipment, stain cleaners for the carpets as well as some UV protectant to apply to those surfaces that usually get exposed to the sun.
  • Take special care of the leather.
    Having leather seats can be a kind of a challenge when it comes to cleaning them, what you need to do in order to take care of them the right way is follow these simple three steps: First off all you need to apply a general all-purpose cleaner and wash the leather thoroughly. Next, brush the surface with a clean and dry towel until all moist is gone from it. Last, apply a leather conditioner and make sure the places you applied it on are not directly exposed to the sun for the next hour or so.
  • Chemicals come at the end.
    Professional car detailers recommend that you first try to mechanically remove all stains, rust, smudges and dust from the interior using rags and cotton swabs, and then carry on with applying chemical products.
  • Inspect the glass for scratches. Most of the small scratches can be taken care of with a simple wax and polish routine; only if the cuts are deeper will you need professional assistance. Another tip that car detailers have slipped by, is the process of drying your glass in two opposite directions. Wiping your exterior glass in a horizontal direction and doing your interior one in a vertical direction will instantly reveal where you did wrong, leaving a streak. This way you will know exactly where some finishing touches of glass polishing are required.

Remove hard water spots as soon as possible.
Time is of utmost importance, you need to react quickly after the sun has its way and pushes those hard water minerals into the paint. Most of the time, simply washing your car won`t take care of the problem and you will need to get yourself some professional water spot removers since using unconventional removers such as vinegar and the likes will only mess the surface be it glass or chrome.

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