Cool Mitsubishi Cars Of 2013

Mitsubishi has taken 2013 by storm. Below are some very cool Mitsubishi cars that have hit the 2013 market. Go check out Mitsubishi dealers Chicago to test drive and see some of these cool cars.

Just plug it in and go. No more gasoline and a cool looking ride too. It is small, and you can fit in those tight parking areas. The batteries will last for a very long time. They have a eight year or 100,000 mile warranty. You will be helping save the environment and looking cool too.

The 2013 Lancer is cool stuff! There are three different Lancer models. One will surely fit your style. You may want the basic Lancer. It is very sporty and has all wheel control. You will be riding in comfort and style. The music will be playing through the 710 watt Rockford-Fosgate stereo system. The Lancer Sportback offers more cargo room without the all wheel drive. The Lancer Evolution has evolved into an even more cool car. It has that 291 Horsepower, turbocharged engine that will fly. Add in the all wheel drive and the Fuse hands-free link system, and the owner of this vehicle will be considered ultra cool.

This is where you can call an SUV cool. The Outlander just breathes cool out of its exhaust. It comes in two models. You may want the basic Outlander. It comes equipped with all wheel drive or you can up it to super all wheel drive. The super adds torque to whichever wheel needs it the most; Mitsubishi’s technology miracle. You also get up to 3,500 pounds of towing capacity, and plenty of room to haul your desirable items. The Outlander Sport has some cool features too. You can opt for all wheel drive or not. It has a glass roof with specially designed mood lighting. Eighteen inch chrome wheels and two tone leather seats will make you Joe or Julie cool of all your friends and family.

What are you waiting for? It is apparent you want cool. Mitsubishi has that cool you are looking for. Mitsubishi dealers Chicago have that cool sitting in their lots and showrooms waiting for you to come and pick one out. It doesn’t matter on your style of cool: you may be the want to save the Earth cool person. The i-MiEV is that cool you are looking for. You may be the one who has a boat and family cool person. One of the Outlanders are your cool. All other cool people, come test drive a Lancer model and find the cool you need.

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