All New Porsche Boxster
Porsche BoxsterThe all new Porsche Boxster for 2013 has arrived and Porsche have revealed that it is the most advanced entry level Porsche ever. There’s more power and less weight which should mean better performance but as more and more car manufacturers seem to be devloping technology to make their products greener, perhaps most significantly is the fact that the two new engines under the Boxster’s sexy new body are of the cleaner, direct injection type.
As is the case with most Porsche development since the first 911 hit the streets, the new Boxster is a step forward on an evolutionary path rather than a giant leap and so you will notice that the look of the car is not a radical departure from the outgoing model. Having said that, there are a number of styling cues and design details which aim to set the new car apart from its brothers and sisters and indeed from the Boxsters that went before it. For example, there are new, larger headlamps, and daytime LED running lights which seem to be de rigeur these days and these are not too far removed from the style of the new Porsche 911. However, one new styling cue is the huge air scoop in the side panel which looks a lot more meaningful than the air intakes it replaces in the old Boxster. The rear popup spoiler is also more involved with the look of the car as it cuts into the tail lamp clusters forming part of the overall appearance and aerodynamic performance. There are larger wheels available; 18′s on the standard car and 19′s on the Boxster S with even an option for 20′s if you so desire.
One of the things that you might have expected to see on the new Boxster is a folding hard top. Not so. The car still has a folding fabric roof, although now it is completely automatic, so no more unclipping the front before pressing the button. The roof folds away neatly behind the cabin but remains exposed – gone is the aluminium tonneau cover, which saves a little weight. Even though the car is slightly larger than the outgoing model, giving the same roominess inside as the new 911, 40kg has been shaved off the kerb weight.
So, what about those two new engines I mentioned? Well, the Boxster gets a 2.7 litre flat six and although this is smaller than the outgoing 2.9, it is 10bhp more powerful at 261bhp. The Boxster S however sticks with the 3.4 litre flat six although power is slightly up by 5bhp to 311bhp. Both engines are direct injection and feature stop-start to aid in the quest for more range from the fuel tank. Both cars go on sale in the UK in April 2012.
Manufacturer: Porsche
Body Style: 2 door convertible
Layout: Rear engine, rear wheel drive.
Engine: 2.7 litre flat six (Boxster), 3.4 litre flat six (Boxster S)
Power: 261bhp (Boxster), 311bhp (Boxster S)
Economy: 36.7mpg (Boxster), 35.3mpg (Boxster S)
0-60: 5.7 seconds (Boxster), 5.0 Seconds (Boxster S)
Price: £37,589 (Boxster), £45,384 (Boxster S)

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