5 Signs You Need New Tires

Tires affect a car’s performance, handling, and gas mileage. Maintaining the tires of your vehicle will save you money in the long run and ensure a safer vehicle for driver and passengers. The following are signs that your vehicle may need a visit to Tire Sales in Columbus Ohio for a set of new tires.

The first sign that your vehicle may need new tires is low tread wear on the tires. You can verify the thread by inspecting the tread wear indicators located on your tires. The tire wear indicator is a slim molded groove located diagonally in between the treads of the tire. If the tread wears below or is even with these indicators, the vehicle will have less traction when driving on different surfaces or weather conditions.

Another indication new tires are needed is a change in the car’s handling at high speeds. Typically tires that are worn will tend to make the vehicle tremble at speeds of over 50 mph. As mentioned on our first sign the vehicle may become dangerous to operate during rain and snowy weather due to lack of traction. During slick ground conditions poor traction may cause poor maneuvering or may cause a vehicle to slip or slide. It may cause harm to the driver and passengers or surrounding drivers or pedestrians.

Another good guide that new tires is needed is to physically inspect the tire. This process can be completed by removing the wheel from from the vehicle and inspect tread wear, sidewall wear, and also past repairs like punctures and patches. Punctures made to either front or rear sidewall of a tire will automatically require a new tire replacement. While physical inspection is being conducted be sure to also check for any metal fragments or metal wires from inside the tire that may be protruding through the rubber. This can be done by gently running hands around the whole diameter of the tire while being very cautious because the metal fragments are extremely sharp and jagged.

Another sign a tire may be worn out is to inspect the seam along the tread edge of a tire, where the tread meets the sidewalls. A lot of times a tire may become severely cracked along the edge where both the sidewall and tread meet causing the tread to literally separate from the sidewall. While driving, the worn out tire may become a projectile, especially during high rates of speeds. This is a dangerous situation to surrounding motorists or pedestrians. Most tires now in days are tubeless tires and extensive deep cracks may cause tire to keep dropping in air pressure, check the face of the tire for extensive cracking of the rubber surface.

When in doubt, visit Tires Sales in Columbus Ohio for a professional opinion.

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